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 My favorite game!!!

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PostSubject: My favorite game!!!   Wed Jun 05, 2013 3:54 am

1st game) My favorite game is at this site : http://www.r2games.com/
It have gd games but the most favorite for me it is Dragon Palls : http://dragon.r2games.com/server/list

In that game u choose a class : 1) Elf (with row) 2) Warrior 3) Mage and u can choose Male or Famale
U train ur Elf/Waarrior/Mage and u save dragons and train them to help u to win the demons who want to take control the world .
U doing missions to save the dragons adn winn al demons.

This is my favorite game and i hope to like u too XD Smile

Dragon Pals Trailer:

2nd game) This is my most favorite games from all the google FusionFall : http://fusionfall.cartoonnetwork.com/splashpage.php
U make a account who is tradet as a hero on that game and u do missions for characters from all cartoon network
U must to colect all Nanos (they help u in missions) by doing missions Nanos are like little charaxters from cartoon network created from Dexter and all of them hav their abilyte and u must win all fusion monsters to oover the game and save the erth

U must play it it is realy gd

FusionFall Trailer:

3rd game : AQW(AdventureQuestWorld : http://www.aq.com/
U make an account and fight against evill monsters and chaos monsters and u must save the world by dond quests ( here also choose clas mage e.y.c but they are a lot XD )

U must play it XD

AQW Trailer:


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PostSubject: Re: My favorite game!!!   Wed Jun 05, 2013 3:55 am

HEHE They are many games (only 3 XD) tongue
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My favorite game!!!

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